Pic set

The standard layout of the Mega64 "Campfire Set"

The Mega64 Podcast "Campfire Set" was used as the first basic video set until Podcast 133. The standard layout of seating had Rocco in the middle, on a Sumo Beanbag Chair. Derrick was seated to the left of Rocco in either a collapsable chair or another Sumo. Shawn and Garrett were nearly always sitting together on what seems to be the back seat of a car that was put into the set. Guests often sat off camera and out of range of the microphone seated in the stack of wood representing the campfire. It is said that the crew of Mega64 were forced to camp in the woods to evade the terrifying Bixa Muda.

Christmas ThemesEdit

Christmas pic

The Christmas themed "Campfire Set"

To the right we observe the Christmas themed set. This jolly twist on the "Campfire Set" was used during Christmas Cast '08-'10. The set was often expanded to accomidate the large number of guests in attendance of the Yule Tide Cheer. The Christmas Cast Highlights are always available on and Note: The youtube versions of the videos are censored due to vomitus content throughout.


The Halloween Theme of the "Campfire Set"

Halloween ThemeEdit

Here we observe Mega64's halloween themed set. As you can see it is decorated with many spooky items intended to scare viewers. The October podcasts were dubbed "Spookcast". Members and guests of Mega64's podcast would dress up as symbols of pop culture.

Other RefrencesEdit

The "Campfire Shirt" has been on Mega64's storefront since 2009 and is a perfect item for any Mega64 fan interested in nostalgia for the show, or any fan that just wants to look great!
Podcast shirt

The "Campfire Shirt"

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