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A3 is a skit produced for Ubisoft to be shown at E3 2006. A3 is a parody of E3 and instead of Electronic Entertainment Expo, A3 stands for "Analogue Arts Awesome Expo." Derrick is in the video claiming that A3 has all of the classic games. Rocco exclaims: "You think this is some kind of normal convention? HELL NO, You piece of sh*t!" Various games like cards, chess and other board games are shown as Krista asks about them being in A3. Krista asks if A3 has puzzles, and Derrick replies: "F**k the f**k no! THAT'S BORINGGG!" and the camera cuts to an image of a puzzle set being blown up.

The puzzle set in question being destroyed.

Then Rocco says "Analogue Arts Are Awesome And Animals Are Accepted As...Well - Damnit..."A person asks if he can wear a digital watch, and his hand is promptly broken in 'curb-stomp' style.


Breakdown sceneEdit

The camera cuts to a passerby who says: "Be There..." and the following message is displayed: "This man was caught smuggling an electronic pacemaker in A3 2006. The item was forcibly removed by A3 CEO and founder Raymond Couch, spurring legal battles brought on by the family members of the victim. Raymond was given three consecutive life sentences, leaving his children to enter a foster home upon their mother's suicide. --- Want to go to a fun convention?" After this, an image promoting E3 2006 appears, touting the 12th Anniversary, to the background music of Josh Jones' song"Rave Time!! (Let's Have A Party)." A3 is a skit that uses various elements of parody, including the deadpan ending.
The image being described

This is the man being described.

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