On Screen Text: Jimmy Jow. Sega Marketing Department.
Mega64 A Yakuza 3 Short Film01:59

Mega64 A Yakuza 3 Short Film

Garret(Jimmy Jow): Hi, I'm Jimmy Jow from Sega's Marketing Department with the release of Yakuza 3 right around the corner. We've present to you a short film. It bridges the storylines of the Yakuza 2 and Yakuza 3. We had to censor some parts of this film out because americans just wouldn't understand it due to cultural differences. Also you made notice that certain scenes were left unfinished but this is due to time restraint we wanna to get this out to you as soon, as possible. We're sure that when you do this you will love it just as much as the original japanese version.

Rocco(Richard): In the streets of Okinawa. I'll never forget the risks I took. Here's how the Yakuza works. There; knew we had to visit Chairman.

Garret(Jimmy Jow): Anderson.

Rocco(Richard): Of the orphanage property. But first we through we'd stop by a host of.

Garret(Jimmy Jow): Richard.

Shawn(Chris): Told you!

Garret(Jimmy Jow): Tanner.

Rocco(Richard): Heroes day is not over! And you.

Shawn(Chris): Why did you hit me?

Rocco(Richard): Because!

Garrett(Jimmy Jow): Tanner.

Rocco(Richard): Hero would've done it even harder! I consider it a fake; OH MY EYE I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!

Derrick(Chairman Anderson): You have a problem with.

Garrett(Jimmy Jow): Jerry.

Derrick(Chairman Anderson): ...He's causing us many many troubles. He's no good for business.

Derrick(Chairman Anderson): Do not disappoint me.

Garrett(Jimmy Jow): Ricky.

Rocco(Richard): You're odd doesn't what he's odd. There's gonna a price to pay. You'll pay now! And you payed it odd.

Rocco(Richard): How could you do this to me.

Garrett(Jimmy Jow): Chris.

Rocco(Richard): After all we've been through uhhaha uh (cough).

Garrett(Jimmy Jow): Chhhhrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss.

(Gun shot)

Shawn(Chris): Chairman Anderson.

Derrick(Chairman Anderson): I will tell you why. Because.

Garrett(Jimmy Jow): ...Now it's just as good. Wasn't it?...

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