Ashley Vela is a former podcast caller and exgirlfriend of Rocco Botte . She appeared in Christmascast 2014, as well as a few personel channel videos. 

Her and Rocco's relationship ended in early 2015 after Rocco allegedly cheated on her with a fan named Charlotte. Rocco allegedly paid for Charlotte to fly out to San Diego to sleep with him. He subsequently told Ashley to be quiet about the whole situation. Ashley posted about the situation on her Tumblr without using any names. 

Ashley's Tumblr post

After news got out around April 2015, there were several attempts to brush the situation aside. These included banning any users on Twitch who mentioned the topic, removal of all of Ashley and Charlotte's Skype calls from the Mega64 Podcast channel, and Rocco taking a break from the internet and social media for a brief period. 

A woman claiming to be Charlotte also hosted a 4chan Q&A where she described her relationship with Rocco. 

Charlotte's 4chan Q&A: