Mega64 Assassin's Creed

Rocco tries to assassinate an old woman



(Rocco is pretending as Altair from Assassin's Creed. He was trying to do everything as Altair is doing. But he can't do it. Because of his very big body.)thumb|400px|right

On Screen Text: LOADING...

Random Voice: Downloading "Assassin's Creed".

(Nice jump to hide.)

(Will you just use your hands when people are in your way.)

On Screen Text: BLEND IN. With the crowd.

Random Guy #1: Here get her.

Random Lady: Eww no. I don't like, I'll be doing stuffs like this ahh! It's creeping me out.

(Hehe, she's is scared of Rocco.)

On Screen Text: CLIMB. This thing.

(Climb this thing? You should put climb this wooden fence.)

On Screen Text: ATTEMPT. Assassination.

(You said it was an assassination. You're just getting something in her bag. And you've been caught.)

On Screen Text: FAILED. You've been caught.

(Now hide. Not under the jewelry booth. Try sitting in bench with someone.)

On Screen Text: Reinitializing...

(Ah, that's better.)

On Screen Text: You okay?

Random Guy #2: You okay?

(Hehe, he thought that your crying. Now be quiet.)

Rocco(Altair): Shhhhh.

(Back in the streets.)

(Ow, that's gotta hurt.)

Rocco(Altair): F**k.(Blows something in his mouth.)

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