On Screen Text: LOADING...thumb|right|400px

Random Voice: Now loading... Castlevania.

Derrick Acosta (Castlevania): I'd like to invest in an oak state. Do you know where the heart of Dracula is?

On Screen Text: Over yonder.

Random Guy #1: Over yonder.

(Over yonder???)

Derrick Acosta (Castlevania): You guys interested in trading any crystals?

On Screen Text: I have a taffy.

Random Woman #1: I have a taffy.

(Me want taffy.)

Derrick Acosta (Castlvania): I'm looking for the heart of Dracula.

On Screen Test: I haven't seen any vampires.

Random Guy #2: I haven't seen any vampires.

(Of course you haven't seen a vampire. It's just a myth.)

Derrick Acosta (Castlevania): Have you seen Dracula's rib?

Random Guy #2: .....

Derrick Acosta (Castlevania): Have you seen......

On Screen Text: What a horrible night for a curse.



(Nice outfit for a monster.)

Derrick Acosta (Castlevania): My whip will beat your soul!

(Everyone thinks that you're wierd.)

(Whoa, not the intersection.)

On Screen Text: What the helll is going on.

Random Woman #2: What the hell is going on.

On Screen Text: BOSS.

(That is the scariest boss I've ever seen.)

On Screen Text: I'm just trying to find a f***ing trolley.

Random Woman #2: I'm just trying to find a f***ing trolley.

(Then go find a f***ing trolley.)


(Nice throw.)

On Screen Text: The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night.


Derrick Acosta (Castlevania): Die monsters!

(That's it?! Dropping the clock?!)

(Well, this is getting better.)

(Love the reaction on their face.)

(Random guy picks and drops the clock.)

Rocco Botte (Monster): Oh, we're free thank you so much.

Shawn Chatfield (Monster): Oh, thank you thank you. That sucks.

Rocco Botte (Monster): Oh thank you sir, thank you sir, oh.


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