Version 1 Episode 0
Run time: '
Written by: none
Edited by: Derrick Acosta
Rocco Botte
Starring: Rocco Botte
Derrick Acosta
Shawn Chatfield
Guest Starring: Chaz Baltezore
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none Bullet Belt From Dracula

Cat Pee and the Internet (The Mega64 Story Part 1) is a "making of" documentary located on disc 2 of Version 1.


  • The name of the documentary comes from a time when Rocco was sleeping over Derrick's house. While Rocco was trying to sleep, Derrick's cat peed on the floor near him, and Derrick got up to go on the computer, annoying Rocco. Rocco said "Every time I try to sleep here, it's just friggin' cat pee and the internet!"
  • The end of the documentary shows a really dramatic argument between Rocco, Shawn, and Derrick. Derrick insults Shawn and says that he hardly contributes to the show. Shawn then leaves the house and drives away, while Derrick calls him a "fag". On a podcast, the crew revealed that all of it was an act.

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