Rocco celebrating ChristmasCast 2013

ChristmasCast is a Mega64 Podcast special that has run for several years during December (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015). The Podcast's format typically involves the core Mega64 team consuming large quantities of one particular food until they are forced to vomit it back up, all in the name of the festive season.

The crew are often joined by both close friends, as well as people from the videogame industry, and has become a Mega64 festive tradition.


Rocco Botte has stated that the inspiration for the idea came from the MTV show Jackass, where the cast attempted to drink milk until vomiting. As a tribute, a gallon of milk was Rocco's first choice food to hastily consume back in 2006. He is joined by Jessica Boyd, who attempted to drink a gallon of Eggnog.

In 2008, the ChristmasCast was revived, with the whole crew taking part. Rocco opted for a tub of butter and Shawn drank wine. Extra guests, such as Casey, chose syrup. To be expanded

In 2009 Rocco ate a birthday cake (as ChristmasCast fell that year on his birthday), Derrick ate three pizzas, Shawn chose a jar of strawberry jam, Garrett dined on pickles, and Eric ate a tub of icecream. Off set, Frank chose 60 pizza rolls, Kevin chose mustard, Casey chose a jar of jalopenos, and Cameron chose squirty cheese. John and Josh both ate 10 McChicken and 10 Double Cheeseburgers.

Podcast linksEdit

  • 2006 - Mega64 Podcast Episode 7 12/18/2006. Podcast highlights
  • 2008 - Mega64 Podcast Episode 78 12/23/2008. "In this the one year anniversary of our video podcast, we thought that we would have the ultimate Christmas eat off. Watch as we all try to consume, frosting, marshmallow paste, butter, wine, cool whip, a block of cheese, cream cheese, and syrup. If you get sick easy then good luck to you." Full podcast
  • 2009 - Mega64 Podcast Episode 127 12/22/2009. "In this episode: It's our ChristmasCast 2009!! So if you don't know what you are getting, it is basically us screaming and vomiting for an hour." Full podcast
  • 2010 - Mega64 Podcast: Episode 166 12/20/2010. "In this episode: It's the CHRISTMASCAST 2010!!!! So watch all of our friends and family eat gross amounts of food, then puke!...I think there is a review of TRON Legacy somewhere in here." Full podcast
  • 2011 - Mega64 Podcast: Episode 205 12/24/2011. "In this episode: It's the Christmas Podcast!!!! By this point we all know the drill. We act all confident in the first half with our food of choice. The second half is us throwing up said food. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!!!!" Full podcast
  • 2012 - Mega64 Podcast: Episode 243 12/24/2012. "In this episode: It's everyone's favorite time of year. It's time for our 2012 CHRISTMAS CAST!!!!!!!!!!! Watch as we eat gross food and then throw it all up.... That about sums this up. Enjoy, and see you in 2013!!!" Full podcast
  • 2013 - Mega64 Podcast: Episode 284 12/24/2013. "In this episode: Merry Christmas!!!!!! It's Christmas Cast 2013!!! If you have never seen one of our Christmas Casts before, it's the kind of Warm, Joyful, and God Loving podcasts that the whole family can enjoy. Sit back with Grandma, and let us all remember why we celebrate this, the holiest of all days." Full podcast
  • 2014 - Mega64 Podcast: Episode 333 12/21/2014.
  • 2015 - Mega64 Podcast: Episode 377 12/21/2015.

ChristmasCast highlights video galleryEdit

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