(It's Comic Con 2009 and Shawn was going to have fun in Comic Con. But there are alot of people inside)thumb|right|400px

Shawn: Excuse me...sorry...excuse me...excuse me.

On Screen Text: In 2009, the San Diego Comic Con sold out of all 4-Day Passes five month's in advance.

Shawn: Excuse me...sorry...oh God...oh Jesus excuse me...oh God I don't know oh I'm sorry...I'm sorry...excuse me...excuse me...excuse me...excuse me.

On Screen Text: There are over 60,000 attendees walking the show floor at any given point during the convention.

(Wow! That's a really alot of people.)

Shawn: Excuse me I'm sorry, how long is the line? do ya know?

Random Guy: Probably Ralph's around the back.

Random Lady: It originates over there.

Random Guy #2: Uh, around the corner.

Random Guy: It takes about an hour and a half.

Shawn: An hour and a half line. Finally, do you guys had anything Darth Vaders left.

Random Guy #3: No.

Shawn: There all sold out.

Random Guy #3: Yep...sold out.

(Shawn is struggling to see something)

(Shawn is waiting in line)

(Shawn is listening a Random Guy explaning about "Ultimate Alliance 2")

Shawn: I wish, that I was the only person at Comic Con.

(Shawn's wish came true, everyones gone except Shawn)

(Whoa, it worked!)

(Music starts)

Shawn: (Singing)

Me, Comic Con everyone is all gone

It's just me no one else can do things by myself

God of War 3 is for me

But not that gay DC

Cause I'm at Comic Con and everyones gone

No can beat me there not so free


??????? you guys are all gay

And now I can do what I want to do

But no one can say not they want.

(There's one people inside the convention. That's a major fail)

On Screen Text: Best Comic Con Ever!

125,000 people vanished from Comic Con that night

Their bodies were never discovered.


This is TheAC29 the editor of this page. Can someone edit some parts Shawn singing? Thank You

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