"Cosplayerz: Doin' what they do da best."

The Cosplayaz series of skits are comprised of clips the Mega64 crew film at various conventions they've attended. Most conventions they go to, they cosplay as "spur of the moment" characters they make by putting on random costume parts and accessories.

The videos consist mostly of the Mega64 crew dancing in areas of the conventions, as well as brief imagery of the other cosplayerz, usually with a humorous caption of what they deem their cosplayz to be. There is usually some friendly griefing of fellow cosplayerz in the videos, which some cosplayerz can't take and get fed up in an extreme case of "nerd rage" (see trivia).

The first Cosplayerz video was an IGN exclusive. The other subsequent Cosplayerz videoz have been available to the public on YouTube, as well as a free downloadable from their site.



File:Mega64 Cozplayaz

(It's time to dress up your favorite characters)

On Screen Text: "Cosplayerz". Jazz Man.

(Jazz Man?)

On Screen Text: Baby Indiana Jones.

(Baby Indiana Jones? Whoa, that whip looks dangerous and it's a weapon)

On Screen Text: King of Pop.

(King of Pop? You don't look black)

On Screen Text: Christmas Ghost of Dale Earnhardt.

(He ain't no ghost)

Rocco (Jazz Man): Jazz Man in the back.

(Are you acting drunk?)

Derrick (Baby Indiana Jones): Get all the snakes. Out of the room.

(There are no snakes. You should buy a fake snake)

(Whoa, don't do that outside even inside that whip is dangerous!)

Derrick (Baby Indiana Jones): Ssss. Ssss. Ssss.

On Screen Text: Doesn't prefer snakes.

Garrett (Christmas Ghost of Dale Earnhardt): Doesn't prefer snakes.

Random Voice: Oh yeah, eh.

Derrick (Baby Indiana Jones): Ssss.

Random Voice: Oh yeah.

Derrick (Baby Indiana Jones): Ssss.

Random Voice: This is the rhythm of the night.

Derrick (Baby Indiana Jones): No reptiles.

On Screen Text: "Cosplayerz"

Derrick (Baby Indiana Jones): ...Mother****er.

On Screen Text: Telephone Cosplays, Scares Cosplays, Sexy Cosplays.

(Sexy Cosplays? He doesn't have costume)

On Screen Text: Lonely Cosplays....Happy Cosplays.

Derrick (Baby Indiana Jones): Ssss. Ssss. Ssss.

(Ow, Derrick whips himself by a lady.)

Derrick(Baby Indiana Jones): Ssss.

Rocco (Jazz Man): Party like a rockstar. Party like a rockstar.

Derrick (Baby Indiana Jones): !!!

On Screen Text: Derrick had his badge taken by security for carrying a whip.


Derrick: I think he understand of my costume goes happy.

On Screen Text: "You cannot brandish it here, it's part of our code of conduct, for anybody on this convention..."

Security: You cannot brandish it here, it's part of our code of conduct, for anybody on this convention...

On Screen Text: "Your whip needs to be, uh..."

Security: Your whip needs to be, uh...

On Screen Text: "Well, you know what, it's a working weapon."

Security: Well, you now what, it's a working weapon.

(Told ya, it's a weapon)

Derrick: I don't know about that.

On Screen Text: "Yeah... it is."

Security: Yeah... it is.

Derrick: I can't, I can't crack it, it's more of a sex toy.

On Screen Text: "Well, the fact is, you can actually hurt somebody with it..."

Security: Um, well, the fact is, you can actually hurt somebody with it...

On Screen Text: "So... it is not peace bondable, you need to get it off the convention grounds right now."

Security: So... it is not peace bondable, you need to get it off the convention grounds right now.

Derrick: Okay.

Garrett: We'll take care of it.

Rocco: You're gonna be a good Indiana Jones without.

Derrick: It's okay that was.

Eric: Good job.

Derrick: I don't think whipping Garrett is gonna reflect poorly on Mega64.

Garrett: Hey, tie it around your waist as a belt.

(Baby Indiana Jones turns into Big Jones. Oh my God! Are you kidding me?!)

On Screen Text: Big Jones. "Cosplayerz". Yippee-ki-yay, No snakes.

Derrick(Big Jones): Yippee-ki-yay. No snakes.


Death threat

"Take a picture and get out."

  • Most of the Cosplayerz costumes have either been puns (Assassins Greed), or taking two random things (Evil Wizards and Santa Claus) and mixing them together to make a costume (Dark Santa)
  • Every Cosplayerz video uses the song Parlez-vous Freezepop? (Inter:sect mix) by the band Freezepop.
  • In Cosplayerz: Strike a Poze, Rocco Botte had a death threat put upon him by one of the local Naruto cosplayerz. It eventually got so bad there was a thread on a cosplaying forum where they were elaborating on their desire to kill him.

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