Dan Paladin is an artist that previously worked with Tom Fulp to make several flash games for

The BehemothEdit

Dan and Tom Fulp also formed The Behemoth, a production company that produced the console version of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. He did the artwork for these games in Flash. Since then, he has only made minimal contributions to Newgrounds, and since 2005, has only collaborated one one flash: Queers of War. Dan Paladin is best known for his signature cartoony art style. Although he also used three-dimensional graphics for console games such as Soldier of Fortune 2, his work in Flash and for The Behemoth are done in a similar loose 2D style.

With Mega64Edit

Dan is also a friend of the Mega64 crew, most notably appearing in their popular "Castle Crashers" skit that was made for IGN. He has also appeared in several podcasts. No traditional ones though, only in the few that feature Rocco traveling around conventions and such.

External linksEdit

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