(So Rocco is pretending as Frank West in a mall is especially playing like Dead Rising in real life, But the zombies are not real.)
Mega64 Dead Rising02:01

Mega64 Dead Rising

On Screen Text: DEAD RISING.

(Rocco moves the bench as you can see that there is an icon displaying.)

On Screen Text: Bench.

Rocco(Frank West): Fantastic.

On Screen Text: GREAT! HORROR.

Rocco(Frank West): Nice.

On Screen Text: NOT BAD. ANGER.

Rocco(Frank West): Alright zombies.

On Screen Text: GREAT. GORE!!

Rocco(Frank West): Ohoho. Lady is a passport. Fantastic!

Random Old lady: No way.

(Nice shot Rocco.)

Rocco(Frank West): Well let sound greatness.

(Moves the bench again and Rocco is taking picture of a security guard.)

Rocco(Frank West): Hahahaha. Nice. Now give me horror.

On Screen Text: GREAT!! HORROR.

Rocco(Frank West): Now give me erotica.

On Screen Text: GREAT!! EROTICA.

(Man that security guard wasn't doing his work.)

Rocco(Frank West): Yeahah.

Security Guard #1: I love it yo!

(Rocco is trying to move everything including the garbage can and his taking a picture of a security guard walking in the mall's hallway)

Security Guard #2: Hey!

Rocco(Frank West): I'm covering the outbreak.

(You're just taking a picture of a security guard walking.)

(Will you stop moving everything!)

Rocco(Frank West): Making a barricade.

(Nobody knows what you're doing Rocco and zombies are not real.)

Rocco(Frank West): No zombies is getting in here. You guys are safe. It's barricaded off you won't be able to get in. There's a chopper coming in 3 days and there's a katana on top of the cafe that's all you need to know. I'll rescue you from the zombies come. Let's go. You're coming with me in the chopper it'll be okay.

Random Guy: You're a nut.

On Screen Text: You're a nut.


Rocco(Frank West): I'm gonna save him. What's that? Oh, I'm not. I'm going to save him

Security Guard #2: Hey, you can't take pictures in here.

Rocco(Frank West): I'm covering the zombie outbreak...I'm just trying to I'm the reporter.

Security Guard #2: For who?

Rocco(Frank West): (Deep breath) Just uh the press. I've covered wars. It's a zombie outbreak.

Security Guard #2 :He's taking picture's of them all.

(Will you stop taking pictures!)

Rocco(Frank West): That's a good shot.

Security Guard #2: You can't taking picture's

Rocco(Frank West): Well, it's still like. There's still like 71 hours like 30 minutes.

Security Guard #2: Well, okay. But right now I'm asking you to stop.

Rocco(Frank West): Hey, are you talking to Otis? ...I hate Otis. Three days. See ya on the roof.

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