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Dom Botte.

Did you mean: Demonic Bottle?

Dominic Botte is Rocco Botte's real life brother. He is featured in Eyes of Skull Has A Secret as a tourist who walks by the core to the Mega64 system. Dom has also appeared in the "IF YOU'RE NOT INDIE, F**K YOU" skit as a Street Fighter IV fan who gets punched. On Podcast79 he made an appearance, and he was present at the 2010 Christmas Eating Cast.


Dom in the SMB The Movie 2: Bloodlust skit.

Rocco recalls being jealous of Dominic Botte's creation of the hurly wurl, so to counteract this he created the Mega64. Dominic has since faded into obscurity as Rocco had planned. It is rumored that Domic Botte owns several sets of keys, each one a different color. When combined they form a car key. His whole life Dominic has been trying to find a car that would accept this car key into the ignition. When he found one it was a green ford fiesta. He drove this car down the street.

Dominic is infamous among the Mega64 fan community for being a hermit. He answers only to himself and for this he deserves praise. Just because he's the best at what he does doesn't make him a psychic.

Dominic's favorite movie is Scream 4. He saw it in theaters on opening night 7 times in a row. He writes Wes Craven fan mail several times a day. He's also a TIm Burton fan and sports stripey black and white socks.

In terms of music he has very advanced taste. He even knows who Vinvent Van Gogh is.

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