The face of true evil.

"ENCOUNTER I WILL KILL" is a phoenomena wherein a viewer (almost always unfamiliar with Mega64) will become enraged by the antics of the Mega64 boyz during a skit/sketch/comedy event. Feeling slighted by Mega64's behavior toward complete strangers who most likely didn't themselves care, the viewer will express their hatred for Mega64 by declaring that if they were to encounter Mega64 in real life, they would kill them.


The phrase "ENCOUNTER I WILL KILL" stems from a Mega64 video which received a large amount of negative attention, particularly from a Russian audience. Intrigued, Derrick Acosta ran the comments through an online translator to discover that a large number of them translated to the same sentence, "encounter I will kill". Due to the comicly over the top nature of the threat, Derrick pronounced it in an equally exaggerated manner, leading to the adoption of all caps for writing it out.

Known ExamplesEdit

  • After Mega64's segment at Firefall Fest October 23rd, 2012, a forum post on the Firefall website was made asking fellow users what they thought of Mega64's faux goth hijacking of the show. The user VanillaGorilla almost immediately responded by saying "Let's just say if I was in a room with them IRL I'd be in jail. Not a joke."1

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