Kinect Video - Mega64 Failure to Kinect01:51

Kinect Video - Mega64 Failure to Kinect

Rocco and Shawn discover time travel is possible when Rocco reveals a newer version of the Kinect.



(While Shawn is playing "Kinect" Rocco saw him playing it)

Rocco: What are you doing?

Shawn: Playing the "Kinect"...juuust came out.

Rocco: Hhho that tha that is true...time travel is possible!

Shawn: What are you talking about?

Rocco: Uh, I have more advanced version of this...I have the "Kinect 4"...

(Rocco and Shawn is going to the kitchen to show the "Kinect 4")

Rocco: Look, here it is the "Kinect 4".

Shawn: This is a piece of crap.

Rocco: Uhhhh no it's actually four times more advanced than whatever you're just playing hehe.

Shawn: How did you figure that?

Rocco: Well, for starters you caaan sit down while you play this.

Shawn: Yeah...ok, you got a point infact but mine is a kind of multiplayer.

(Rocco shows Shawn how the "Kinect 4" works)

Rocco: What do you called that.(Flicks Shawn's chest)

Shawn: Well mine was dazzling graphics.

Rocco: That dazzle ya.

Shawn: Ha, well mine has facial recognition.

(Focusing the camera on Rocco)

Shawn: Well, I can pet a virtual dog.

(Rocco pets his dog)

Shawn: Oh yeah, one of my virtual dog gets way more fun they look like this.

(Shawn showing how the virtual dog looks)

Rocco: Yeah, but you look like a f***ing idiot hahaha.

Text-Input: IDIOT.

Commercial voice: Games cards do not talk. == Trivia==

  • When Shawn is pretending to play with a pet, he says M&M's which is a spoof of the Microsoft E3 2010 Kinectimals presentaion when the girl says "Skittles" as her pets name.
  • This is one of the few videos where its only Rocco and Shawn, next to Kid Icarus.

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