IGNAXIO: Yo it's ya boy Ignaxio aka X aka "Paintboy." My favorite things in life are John Cena, and X-Box and I just found out some game called Final Fantasy's coming to X-Box. what? Isn't that some Playstation shit? I'm going to Japan to find out, on Ignaxio'z Travelz.thumb|right|400px


IGNAXIO: Hey yo what's up I'm in Japan now. I'm gonna go over to Square Enix booth and see how many people excited about final fantasy coming to X-Box.

IGNAXIO: Final Fantasy! Yeah!

IGNAXIO: Everybody excited about Final Fantasy on X-Box say ho!

IGNAXIO: All the Final Fantasy fans say "yeah!" All the John Cena fans say "oh!"

IGNAXIO: I don't know what you dressed as. You look like Meg ryan. I don't know she in Final Fantasy but that shit is hot.

IGNAXIO: I been walking 'round this booth for three hours now I ain't seen no Final Fantasy. All I'm seeing is soccer games.

IGNAXIO: Soccer Sucks. Ain't No Good.

IGNAXIO: Maybe that's it over there. What is that?

IGNAXIO: Oh! Oh you heard of me! That's my name! I'm X!


IGNAXIO: That's me, yeah!

IGNAXIO: Oh, he gonna chop me. Jackie chan sh*t.

IGNAXIO: Why they gotta game about cooking? Everybody know if I want some cooking done I'm a make you do it. Haa.

IGNAXIO: That's some scary sh*t look at that AHHHHHHHH



IGNAXIO: Yo it's ya boy Ignaxio aka X aka "Crackerbarrel" I'm here at the Sony booth and we're gonna find out how pissed off they are 'cause final fantasy ain't theirs no more. Haa!

IGNAXIO: Oh ho ho this guy's so pissed off right now. (taunting) Final Fantasy ain't yours no more! Ha ha.

IGNAXIO: Grr. grr, Zachary, ha ha ha ha. Yeah. Yeah, X, that's me! All the ladies know X. Uh uh uh uh uh.

IGNAXIO: John Cena!

IGNAXIO: John Cena!

JAPANESE GIRL: Jah see yeah!

IGNAXIO: Heh heh heh heh yeah I like this one.

IGNAXIO: Ha ha! So what do we learn today? Uh, Final Fantasy definetly coming on X-Box, and John Cena's the best. Tune in next week when get an interview with my favorite video game company.

IGNAXIO: Is this Fun Town?

JAPANESE MAN: (nods) Yes.

IGNAXIO: That don't look no fun.

JAPANESE MAN:Fun Town hoo hoo.


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