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Frank Howley

Frank Howley is a friend of the Mega64 crew. He sometimes helps the Mega64 crew in videos like the Skyrim Fan Film video as a presenter. He appears in Version 3 in the episode "The Wizard II" as one of the wizard seekers. He also sometimes appears on the Mega64 podcast and usually attends the Mega64 annual Christmas cast. 

Beyond Mega64Edit

On his own, Frank has a personal Youtube channel called FrenkHooley". He posts skits by him and his friends (including Mega64). His skits tend to be comedic like Mega64. But sometimes his skits tend to be not comedic like "The Blair Wii U Project". He also helps makes skits for "The Midnight Show" and for Nintendo. His channel also has the popular "my new accent" video that was taken down by the original user and was re-uploaded by Frank.


Frank as drawn by Derrick.

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