Freezepop is an American synthpop/electropop band. They formed in 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts. The band is named after the frozen snack. The members describe their music as "sweet and cold and fruity and plastic-y", much like the snack.

Band MembersEdit

Liz Enthusiasm

Sean T. Drinkwater

"The Duke of Pannekoeken", an alias for composer Kasson Crooker.

With Mega64Edit


On set at Mega64's first studio

Along with bands such as The Aquabats, Bad Credit, and Slowdraw the Hungry Eskimo, their music is featured in the Mega64 series. Mega64 also produced the music video for the Freezepop song "Brainpower".

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Freezepop on Facebook

The Brain Power music video produced by Mega64