The loving mother of Garrett Hunter (a.k.a. Fruitsnax). She's a diva, she loves the sunlight, she loves the tan skin.

According to Garrett, she would often dress up as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark for halloween.

Currently there is much debate as to what extent Garrett loves his mother. Garrett once recalled that his mother explained to him how babies are made by asking him if his private parts would fit with her's. It is also of note that Garrett spent much of Podcast 215 talking extensively about his mom. Despite this, Garrett claims that he is in no way sexually attracted to her.

Garrett's mom has appeared in almost every Mega64 skit to date.

Garrett has never had a falling out with his mom. Garrett's mom was featured in Mega64 version 1 even though Garrett had not even been born at that point yet.


  • Rocco once asked Garrett what his favorite color was and Garrett said green. Coincidentally, green is also the color of grass and Garrett's mom has presumably stood on grass before.
  • Garret's mom has stated publicly on many occasions that her son is her personal favorite Abou Chacra.
  • Garrett's mom was the voice of Simba in the Lion King. [Citation needed]
  • Garrett remembers his mom's birthday every year.

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