(The skit start off explaining about the new Guitar Hero World Tour is going to have drums not real drums)thumb|400px|right

On Screen Text: Guitar Hero World Tour.

On Screen Text: Get drums. Get real. Get rockin.

On Screen Text: Ryan Darkk. Project Manager, Guitar Hero.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): Guitar Hero World Tour.

On Screen Text: Electronic drums with cymbals.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): Is unlike anything on the market today.

On Screen Text: Brad Swift. Drummer, Ice cold bellpeppers

Derrick(Bradd Swift): You can play drums. In a new Guitar Hero AHHHHH! They got me here testing drums cause it could take a beat from me. And it can take a beat in from any drummer budda budda budda budda.

On Screen Text: Jarvis Moewer. Drummer, 365 winks.

Shawn(Jarvis Moewer): When I asked them.

On Screen Text: Motion capture session.

Shawn(Jarvis Moewer): If I close my eyes and play.

On Screen Text: Prototype drumset.

Shawn(Jarvis Moewer): You're drums, if I play dump weed.

On Screen Text: Not RockBand.

Shawn(Jarvis Moewer): I'm I gonna get a hundred percent. My answer is yes.

On Screen Text: Never been done before. Revolutionary technology.(Right after Rocco said Guitar Hero World Tour)

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): People have compared Guitar Hero World Tour's drums that other competing drum games on the market it's just not fair.

On Screen Text: No RockBand comparisons possible. Cymbals makes this different.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): There's don't have cymbals. If something doesn't have cymbals and you call it a drum set.

On Screen Text: Not the same thing at all sorry. Nothing like RockBand.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): By that logic anything I can can be a drum set. A baseball crack homerun. That's a drumset? My wife's a drumset? I mean you're a f***ing pervert if that were the case that is not true.

Derrick(Bradd Swift): You know the best part of the band is don't ya? The drummer.

(Shawn and Derrick pretending that they are playing drums)

Derrick(Bradd Swift): Whoooooa!

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): One of the perreferalls we designed specifically for Guitar Hero 4 is a acoustic to electric transducer.

On Screen Text: Exclusive guitar hero innovation.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): That converts sound to an electrical signal. Similar to an telephone but on a much smaller scale.

On Screen Text: Revolutionary new technology: "Microphone".

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): This microphone techonology is included in every copy of Guitar Hero World Tour.

Derrick(Bradd Swift): Guitar Hero is so much. Is that beer?

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): We know the ingredients to the perfect music game. Playable guitar.

On Screen Text: A guitar picture. Prototype.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): Playable drums.

On Screen Text: A drumset from Guitar Hero picture. Alpha version.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): A microphone.

On Screen Text: A microphone news. Our idea.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): Multi-colored notes.

On Screen Text: Muilt-colored notes picture. Original concept.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): Downloadable songs.

On Screen Text: A computer picture. Brilliant concept(of ours).

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): Customizable characters.

On Screen Text: A RockBand customization picture. Rough screenshot.

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): A rad intro movie with bunch of people on top of a van to a deep purple song.

On Screen Text: A van with a few people on top of a van picture. Early rendering.

(That van picture isn't real. That picture is a game)

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): And cymbals. Obviously the most brilliant.

(Wow, nice cymbals it looks like an alien invasion because of the background their using)

Derrick(Bradd Swift): Rock n' Roll AHHHH!

(They're doing the drums again)

Rocco(Ryan Darkk): If I get to say one thing to our competitors...f***k band. That's a break.

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