Mega64 Heavy Rain Makes You Cry03:04

Mega64 Heavy Rain Makes You Cry

Rocco: I think the blacksmoke monster was an alien why else does he want to go home?

Derrick: It's funny as he was seen because I was thinking that he was a devil.

Rocco: Yeah.

(They heard Shawn crying in the 2nd floor)

Rocco: Whoa, dude is he crying?

(Shawn still crying)

Derrick: McKanzie, what are you doing?

Shawn: I'm playing "Heavy Rain".

(They saw him playing "Heavy Rain")

Rocco: "Heavy Rain" dude, I heard about this game I guess they made it to make people cry.

Shawn: No

(Shawn still crying)

Derrick: Dude, you just wanna play mario or something we can do 2 players.

Rocco: We can play Nintendo and cardable games.

Derrick: 3 players.

Shawn: Just leave me alone!

(There eating pizza while Shawn is still crying)

Rocco: Sure you okay?

Shawn: Fine.

(Rocco is watching and Derrick is reading his magazine while Shawn is still crying)

Rocco: Thank god dude, you know what you need to cheer up!

Shawn: I don't know if I can.

Derrick: Well. if your depression is really this bad then I think desperate times calls for desperate measures... We should go to the happiest place on earth.

(They went to Disneyland while Derrick and Rocco are having fun Shawn is still thinking about "Heavy Rain".)

Rocco: I can't believe you didn't have fun at f***ing Disneyland!

Derrick: We're in the happiest place on Earth except for you whose a little b****h and just cries about "Heavy Rain" all day!

Shawn: I've been thinking about "Heavy Rain" all day to keep my other fact that I just diagnosed with cancer.

(Rocco and Derrick grimace and groan for awhile)

Derrick: That sucks.

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