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Ignaxio at a Star Wars convention

Ignaxio'z Travelz is a series of skits starring Rocco Botte as "Ignaxio", an obnoxious video game journalist reminiscent of clueless TV presenters targeted to generation X during the 90s.

Ignaxio goes by many different monikers including "X". He often misinterprets anyone making an X sign with their hands as a reference to him. Here are some other nicknames that you may know him by:

  • "Paintboy"
  • "Frozted Flakez"
  • "Pastabilities"
  • "Stepstool"
  • "Fine Italian Leather"
  • "Sun Chipz"
  • "The Ghost of Tom Joad"
  • "Woodfire Pizza"
  • "Jackplum"
  • "Terri Schiavo"

List of Ignaxio SkitsEdit