Luke Chatfield

Luke Chatfield is Shawn's real life brother.

It is rumored that the Chatfield family is the largest family in exiestence and Luke gets to be a part of it.

Luke first got his name from seeing the Star Wars movies. The rest is history.

Luke attended Phillip Seeymore Highschool.

Luke currently weighs 47 pounds. Quite a feat for a grown man.

Luke was born in Kentucky and raised in West Virginia. He currently resides in San Fran Diego Shire

Notable RolesEdit

Unnamed FALZ member in Episode 5: Eye of Skull Has A Secret in Version 1.

Thark, the Man-Opossum, in Episode 5: Summer Semester in Version 2.

The Guild Leader in Episode 3: The Wizard II in Version 3.

He's also in a few skits such the HAWX ad: Volleyball.

Trivia Edit

  • He was seen in "Cat Pee and the Internet", the Mega64 Version 1 documentary.
  • While filming the skit where Luke destroys the Xbox 360, he threw it down and in the process, it sliced his hand wide open, which required between 20-30 stitches.
  • He was also seen in "Cats Are Children (Who Live On The Floor)," the Mega64 Version 3 documentary mainly goofing around.

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