(Derrick is playing Metal Gear Solid IV and Shawn got an invitation for the wedding and he wants Derrick to come)thumb|right|400px

Derrick: ...Are you kidding me?!

Shawn: Hey Derrick, are you're ready? It wil be like 45 minutes to the wedding.

Derrick: Yeah, I'm just gonna play like this for like 5 minutes.

Shawn: All right. Only 5 minutes.

Derrick: All right, I think I should beat the game. Oh, cutscene okay.

(After 20 minutes the cutscene isn't even finished and Derrick hasn't even prepared for the wedding)

On Screen Text: 20 minutes later.

Shawn: ...All right, you said 5 minutes 15 minutes ago. You really gotta go.

Derrick: I know what I said okay. I'm gonna get ready. I didn't think this cutscene movie will be this long and now I'm invested it, you know what I'll just get ready now okay, just leave me alone.

Shawn: All right, I'm getting pissed. Keep that in mind.

(While Derrick is preparing himself for the wedding the cutscene still isn't finished. I didn't know this is gonna be long)

On Screen Text: 20 minutes later.

Derrick: ...Oh...that's great.

Shawn: Are you just f***ing with me?! Are you gonna get ready or not?!

Derrick: Just shut up. I'm getting pissed off, cause I wanna watch this cutscene. And I've been trying to watch it for 40 minutes. And I feel like every 30 seconds your popping in here just f***ing annoy me, this is Metal Gear Solid IV. And I've been playing Metal Gear Solid since like 1999. I've known Snake alot longer than your mom is known f***ing dug. Okay?

(Derrick does not stop playing Metal Gear Solid IV and after 20 minutes Shawn is getting pissed off. So he decided to leave without him)

On Screen Text: 20 minutes later.


Derrick: PEACE THE F**K OUT!!!

(So they leave without Derrick and he is still not finished watching the cutscene)

On Screen Text: 20 minutes later.

(After long hours the cutscene is now finished)

Derrick: ...That's the ending...dude, the wedding ended like 4 hours ago it's just...charm this thing I'm an a***hole, I missed his mom's wedding too much...I just gotta apologize something I know, something positive now...I gotta tell him...I'm responsible that was...I'm a jerk, Hey!

(Derrick saw Shawn and he is shocked that Shawn is dead)

Derrick: !!!

Shawn: You are so lucky, you didn't go to that wedding.

Derrick: ???

Shawn: I think Metal Gear Solid IV just saved your butt.

On Screen Text: The End, Mega64, A Hideo Kojima Project.

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