Rocco(Voice only): In a city where.
Mega64 Magic City Man! (A.K.A. Prototype, A.K.A01:33

Mega64 Magic City Man! (A.K.A. Prototype, A.K.A. Infamous)


Rocco(Voice): Innocence is lost. At a time, when world.

On Screen Text: SALVATION.

Rocco(Voice): Salvation. In a place where.

On Screen Text: Infamous logo.

Rocco(Voice): "InFamous".

On Screen Text: Prototype logo.

Rocco(Voice): And "Prototype" honestly look.

On Screen Text: HONESTLY.

Rocco(Voice): Exactly the same.

Rocco(Voice): Comes a third option...

On Screen Text: MAGIC CITY MAN.

Rocco(Voice):"Magic City Man".

Rocco(Voice): Another.

On Screen Text: URBAN.

Rocco(Voice): Urban looking man.

On Screen Text: URBAN.

Rocco(Voice): In an urban looking city.

Rocco(Voice): With...

On Screen Text: WEIRD.

Rocco(Voice): Wierd powers.

On Screen Text: MAGIC CITY MAN.

Rocco(Voice): Critcs are saying that magic city man is.

On Screen Text: "...VERY URBAN". -Thomas Chipz. Gametub.

Rocco(Voice): Very urban.

On Screen Text: "FITS RIGHT IN WITH... THE OTHER ONES". -Terry Modesto. Gameflip.

Rocco(Voice): Fits right in with the other ones.


Rocco(Voice): His arms can turn into stuff...

On Screen Text: Awwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhh. -Ray Mystereo III. Gamebroz.

Rocco(Voice): Awwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

On Screen Text: "HE LOOKS VERY URBAN...

Rocco(Voice): He looks very urban...

On Screen Text: ...AND THIS IS A BIG CITY". -Jim Smartguy. The observer.

Rocco(Voice): And this is a big city.

On Screen Text: "WAY URBAN". -Keith Urban.

Rocco(Voice): Way urban.

On Screen Text: "THE CITIEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED". -Bryan Croissant. Kytaco.

Rocco(Voice): The citiest game I've ever played.

Rocco(Voice): Wether safe here or villian people agree. He is... magic.

Rocco(Voice): He is... in a city.

Rocco(Voice): He is... a man.

Rocco(Voice): He is...

On Screen Text: MAGIC CITY MAN.

Rocco(Voice): Magic City Man.

On Screen Text: Coming Soon.

Rocco(Voice): Coming soon... Also coming soon.

On Screen Text: Along with, this year's sports game.

Rocco(Voice): This Year's Sports Game.

On Screen Text: Asian Fighter.

Rocco(Voice): Asian Fighter.

On Screen Text: Criminals.

Rocco(Voice): And Criminals.

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