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Marcus' Corner is a miniseries about Marcus interviewing people in the videogame industry, or anyone else he feels like interviewing. It was released on May 16, 2008, as was the Marcus "Whoosh" t-shirt.[1]

Marcus' Corner started as a way to 'kill five minutes' of a Mega64: Version 1 episode. It was later cut from the episode and was placed in the special features section of the Version 1 DVD. The skit featured Marcus encouraging fans to send in questions, comments, art, and naked pictures which would become a staple in the miniseries. During this skit, Marcus showed some fan art which he disliked, went on a rant about how he is king, and proceeded to read the credits and show his dislike for everyone.

"Okay, I played the game Pokemon: Snap., there are no such thing as Pokemon. So what am I taking pictures of? That's the question! So the answer to my question...that I...That I just ask was...uhm...Maybe you're over analyzing the game too much. Maybe you're just a geek on the computer trying to be funny. But your not funny! I have an idea for you, son: How bout you put down the Fungions, and put a cap on that mountain dew, and take yourself a bath! Yeah! What is wrong with you? You ain't nothing! You ain't nothing towards Marcus! Marcus is king! I am your king! You may bow down before me because I am awesome! And you suck!" -Marcus


Season 1Edit

  1. Interviews Cory Barlog
  2. Interviews Dan Paladin and John Baez
  3. Interviews Jessica Chobot and Becky Young
  4. Interviews Dick Masterson
  5. Interviews Tommy Tallarico
  6. Interviews Geoff Keighley

Season 2Edit

  1. Interviews Peter Molyeux
  2. Interviews Kellee Santiago
  3. Interviews Raychul Moore
  4. Interviews Corrine Yu
  5. Horatio's Room
  6. Marcus's Corner Season Finale

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