Mega64 Mario Kart Crash

Derrick fells in the shore when he was taking Tylenol at home.



(Both Shawn and Derrick are playing "Mario Kart Wii" with the "WiiWheel")
Mega64 Mario Kart Crash02:32

Mega64 Mario Kart Crash

Shawn: This "Mario Kart Wheel" is awesome, I'm in the game right now man.

Derrick: He, you wanna feel like you're really in the game.

Shawn: Yeah.

Derrick: Me too, let's take some drug.

Shawn: .....What?

Derrick: Yeah, that's right I'm talking about the good ship big T, Tylenol!

Shawn: ......Well, I have headache so yeah I guess give me two.

Derrick: Oh no no, you don't want two of these this is extra EXTRA strength Tylenol, you take two of these you might not wake up, let's just take one for now and hope will back here for dinner.

Shawn: Ok, I've taken like a million of these I'm sure it is going to happen but okay.

(Shawn and Derrick takes one Tylenol)

Derrick: Waaaa, waaa, whoa shit! We're really are in the gaheheheme. We're really are in the gaheheheme.

Shawn: (Feels like he's in the game right now)

Derrick: OOOOOH MY GOOOOD, OOOOH! We just hehe whoa oh my God it's bright out here woohoohoohoohoo, woohoo!

Shawn: We're out of shit about that!

Derrick: (Gibberish) Oh hahaha! Oh.

Shawn: (Nothing but to act like a car)Ahhh sherinade, I love you son of a, I love you so.

(Shawn is in the Ice Skating Rink with the WiiWheel in his hands.)

Derrick: Yeah, whoa ahhaha, water is gonna slow you down, were hold you behind me cause the water, oh ho ah the water ahhh.

(Derrick is at the beach goes in to the water.)

Derrick: Watch out for those cows oh shit AHHH!! OH MY GOD!! OHHHH SHOOT!! OH HOHOHO!!

(Derrick hits Rocco with the car)

Derrick: (Gibberish)

Rocco(Voice): Extra extra strength Tylenol, for headaches that just won't go away...not mario kart...just headaches.

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