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The 2007 Mega64 Time! DVD cover

Mega64 Time is a DVD which was screened and given away at PAX '07. The DVD is a mash-up of various skits, commercials, and home movies the Mega64 crew couldn't find anywhere else to release. This DVD comes with the revolutionary picture frame cover. A one time re-printing of Mega64 Time was released on November 30th 2015 for Cyber Monday. The re-printing included a new take on the classic cover with an unfoldable art package containing rare photos from the era and notes on the release. The re-print has the same content on it's discs as the original print.

Mega64timeposterthumb 7340c6ff-6799-487c-ab1a-7751f393fe23

The 2015 Mega64 Time DVD cover art by Emily Irwin

List Of Skits Found On The DVD Edit

Disc One­


  • Commentary on every video



  • Commentary on Every video
  • Cold Fear: Behind the Scenes!
  • GRAW Stunts!
  • Messiahz Outtakez!
  • Lost Fifth Freedom Testimonial!
  • Making The Wizard!
  • Average Cowboy: A Look Into The Lyrical Formation of a Songwriting Classic!
  • Christmas Greetings!

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