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Cast from Rooster TeethEdit


(On they're way to the airport, where Mega64 is now leaving Austin,Texas.)thumb|400px|right

Gustavo Sorola: Well, this is it guys. Thanks for coming to Austin.

Rocco Botte: Thank you seriously, like we've filmed some hilarious videos.

Burnie Burns: Yeah.

Rocco Botte: And dude, I'm sorry about what happened to your server going missing that sucks.

Gustavo Sorola: Yeah you know, I'm sure that'll turned off.

(Derrick literally drops his luggage.)

(What's inside that bag?)

Gustavo Sorola: You need a hand with that Derrick?

Derrick Acosta: No no, I'm fine.

Rocco Botte: Seriously though we should do this again sometime.

Burnie Burns: Yeah, and uh maybe next time you guys pick up lunch on one of those days. Right?

Shawn Chatfield: Maybe next time you can fly halfway across the 10th street and I'll ruin your lives for a week.

Everyone: ......



Geoff Ramsey: You know what, let's just make it pack. Let's do this at least once a year, you don't know.


Geoff Ramsey: That's awesome.

Rocce Botte: Perfect. Alright.

Shawn Chatfield: Let's do that. Alright great.

(Saying goodbyes to everyone.)

(Uh guys(Rooter Teeth), you can stop now.)


Rocco Botte: Never ever saw'em again.

On Screen Text: Rocco Botte

Rocco Botte: I heard all the news that the Rooster Teeth office exploded, blew up something like that a few months later. We never got the full story... and we never making another pack.

(I'm too old for this, but I can still speak.)

Gustavo Sorola: (sigh) We changed our number pretty quickly after they left, relocated offices (sigh) burnt deal one down.

On Screen Text: Gustavo Sorola

Gustavo Sorola: I really don't want to make videos with them, so sacrifice said to be.

(Nice glasses but it looks scary.)

Shawn Chatfield: I supposed we could've tried to call'em or write to my email.

On Screen Text: Shawn Chatfield

Shawn Chatfield: Make sure they were all okay but I guess it just didn't really matter.

(Shawn you aged well, what happened?)

Geoff Ramsey: It spaced the day to that one guy he had the operation.

On Screen Text: Geoff Ramsay

Geoff Ramsay: The other guy, eventually it's just became a brain in- in a jar.

(You've got to stop drinking, you're getting old now.)

On Screen Text: Derrick Acosta

Derrick Acosta: Damn, f**k those guys I stole their servers.

(You son of a...)


Gustavo Sorola: Hpoe you enjoy this weeks mash-up of Mega64 and Rooster Teeth, the end. Seriously no more videos.


  • While Derrick is trying to carry the bag and literally drops it you can hear the sound of Microsoft Windows start-up.

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