"Please dad, no more!"

No More Pills For Poppy is a game created by Dr. Poque, mentioned in the first episode of Version 2, "This Story Is Happy End". Gameplay footage in the episode consisted of "Papi" (Played by Dick Botte) swallowing an entire bottle of pills while the on screen pill counter went up and his son (Played by Rocco Botte)begged him to stop. According to Horatio, it was not a good seller.

Flash VersionEdit

NMP4P ingame instructions

In-game instructions

NMP4P gameplay

Gameplay screenshot

A playable version was made for the Mega64ums, and is currently available on Newgrounds. Orange pills give points, green pills cost one life, and blue pills increase the bonus multiplier. The player will slowly lose health if a level goes on to long without any pills grabbed.

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