(Rocco is in GameStop and buys Sony's new PSP Go and he bought a UMD Game "SoulCalibur Broken Destiny".)
Mega64 PSPgo Uses UMDs?02:55

Mega64 PSPgo Uses UMDs?

Rocco: (He's excited that he bought the PSP Go and the UMD Game)

(Rocco is having a hard time putting the UMD Game)

Rocco: (He is stuggling to put the UMD Game in the PSP Go)

(So Rocco remove the small CD from the UMD Case)

Rocco: Go to the f***ing slot!

(Rocco is struggling to put the Game in the PSP Go then he broke the CD. He's getting a screwdriver from the garage and uses it to to open it wide and put the Game and still didn't work)

Rocco: (Breathing hard)

(He puts margarine in the PSP Go and it didn't work. He's cleaning the PSP Go and starting to lose Patience)

Rocco: (He is now losing his patience)

(He use the screwdriver again and remove the front of the PSP Go and he put the Game and closes it)

Rocco: F**K!

(He starts stomping it and his precious PSP Go is broken. So the next day he's back in GameStop to return the PSP Go)

Rocco: Hi, how's it going? Uh, I wanted to return this, it is possible. Man, I was trying all night to to trying to fit my games and there's no way.

GameStop Maintenance: It should be all in the...

Rocco: You can't it take at all? How about this instead of stored credit, if I just leave that there you guys just give me a DS.

GameStop Maintenance: No, I can't really do that.

Rocco: ...(Starts farting and leaving at GameStop and bringing the broken PSP Go.)

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