SHAWN: Did you hit it? OK. {coughs}

SHAWN {Marcus voice}: Yeah. HEY SON! HEY PODCAST NUMBER 19! HERE WE GO! {Indistinguishable}

{The Lonely Horseman begins playing}

{Indistinguishable talking in background}

SHAWN: People are gonna fucking love this. Hey. Rocc remember. Do you member when um... that um... those girls were watching that one show, what was it? That... That... They made clothes. What was it called?

ROCCO: The... Clothes Maker.

SHAWN: No no! It was on whatever and that one guy kept saying he was turned on by everything.

{indistinguishable}: What?

{Shawn laughs}

SHAWN: You don't, you don't remember that?

ROCCO: No. What was that?

SHAWN: This. That really turns me on. I was really turned on by this outfit. I'm just really turned on.

ROCCO: {Laughs} Oh yeah...

SHAWN: Yeah... yeah... Do you...

ERIC: Was that uh, Project Runway?

SHAWN: Project Runway!

ROCCO: Project Runway.

ERIC {indistinguishable}: I do not hope...

SHAWN: My fucking girlfriend used to watch that, It was so fucking annoying.

{Rocco laughs}

ROCCO: Ha ha ha ha.

SHAWN: Project Run, fuck that shit.

ROCCO: Alright, uh, let's uh, let's setup the... Let's set up this episode a little bit

{Indistinguishable loud speaking}

ROCCO: Derrick, do you want to set up this episode? Just kinda what, what we're... Derrick's

SHAWN: He's playing Def Jam

ROCCO: Def Jam Icon.

SHAWN: Icon. Right now there's like... there's a fire at a gas station an...

ERIC: out of T. I.

SHAWN: And T. I.'s getting the fffffffuck beat out of him, so...

ERIC: Which is, which is wrongly...

DERRICK: Let's just set up this episode. Um, Shawn had a beer...

ERIC: {Laughs} Just one.

DERRICK: ...before he came here, so he's a little bit tipsy if you couldn't tell. Uh, if you don't believe me, we'll do a little test. Shawn, are you, are you drunk?

SHAWN: Shut up.

{Eric laughs}

DERRICK: Alright, so just be warned this probably...

{Eric and Rocco laugh}

DERRICK: This is definitely gonna be an interesting podcast.

ROCCO: Yeeeah, I'd say so...

{Shawn laughs}

ROCCO: ...I'd say so.

DERRICK: Do you have anything to say, in your defense?

SHAWN: Nope.

{Rocco laughs}

DERRICK: Alright

ROCCO: There you go.

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