The P.P.S. (Poorly Played Stream) is a weekly stream hosted by Garrett Hunter that began it's run in May of 2012. Every episode is aired on Wednesdays at 7pm PST. The PPS stream offers various shenanigans such as prank calls, taking Skype calls from fans, and playing video games.

Guests over years have included the Mega64 Crew and special guests Frank Howley, Steve Barker, and the "Man with the Magic Hands" himself, Dr. Ryan.

When mentioned on the main Mega64 Podcast, it has been noted that Garrett expresses annoyance whenever somebody refers to the stream without the proper name - simply referring it as the "PS" might set him off.

Over 200+ episodes of the Poorly Played Stream have been aired, and can be viewed here on the official Mega64 Archives channel.

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