thumb|314x314px|right Poqueoblog is the first (and the only) of the Mega64 webisodes. In it, Horatio tells Dr. Poque about blogs, the premise being like a diary where you post pictures of people you know and "draw drugs and cocane coming out of their mouth." Horatio then leaves after telling Poque it's possible to make millions from selling ad-space. Dr. Poque is then sitting at his computer, starting to type the first entry of his new blog when a delivery man played by Brandon rings the bell. After a polite exchange, the delivery man then returns home, and stumbles upon Poque's blog. Poque has somehow taken a picture of the delivery man, drawn on his face, then insulted him.


"Dr. Poke?"

The skit then cuts back to Poque typing, who is again interrupted by another person at the door, this time an exterminator wearing a mask played by Garrett Hunter. After asking for permission to spray the grounds, Poque goes back to his blog. Again, he somehow has a picture of the person at the door, where he draws on his face a

nd types more insults. After updating his blog, someone begins ringing the doorbell multiple times. Answering, Poque is confronted with the exterminator, who saw the blog from his iPhone. He angrily pulls off his mask, revealing that he has a birth-defect similar to what Poque drew on his face. After ranting for a bit, Poque meekly apologizes, which prompts the exterminator to spray Poque's door then leave.


"This is unsavory."

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