Red dead rediculousness


Some people just get too into the game.



{IGN intro plays}thumb|400px|right

{Rocco and Shawn are sitting on Sumos while playing Red Dead Redemption in the Poque's Room set}

Rocco: Dude, Red Dead Redemption is so awesome.

Shawn: Anything Rockstar makes is phenomenal.

Rocco: Oh man, the open world map is so huge.

Rocco: What is that?

Derrick: Howdy partners.

Shawn: Hey haven't seen you in a while.

Derrick: Been playing red dead redemption for a fort night.

Rocco: What is that like two weeks or...

Derrick: A fort night!

Rocco: OK.

SHAWN: So you like it?

DERRICK: Indeed I do, my friends. In fact, I kinda wish I lived in the wild wild west.

Shawn: So that's the reason for the get-up you got on?

Derrick: Yes it is.

Rocco: Really? 'Cause you look kinda gay. Heh heh.

{Close up on Derrick's eyes as he stares down Rocco while showdown music plays} {Derrick pulls out a gun which is a BB gun and shoots Rocco in the leg} {Shawn runs away as Rocco screams in agony}


{Cut to Rocco, Derrick, and Shawn playing poker in the Mega64 Mansion. Rocco's leg where he was shot is in a cast.}

Rocco: I got nothing, I fold. {winces in pain as he hits his leg while he puts his cards down}

Derrick: looks like I got you boys licked. Pair of twos. Read 'em and beat 'em c**k s**kers

Shawn: That's from Deadwood. I think I got you beat. Two pair.

{Close up again on Derrick's eyes as he stares down Shawn while showdown music plays}

Derrick: OH GOD F**K IT.

{Derrick knocks the table over}

Derrick: {incoherent swearing} TARNATION! SON OF A {more incoherent swearing}

{Cut to Rocco and Shawn outside in the alley}

Rocco: Oh! good, you're here. Look, Derrick's out of control.

Shawn: I know, he shot four people last week.

Rocco: Yeah! Police can't do anything, he says it's self defense every time.

Shawn: I know. This wild west thing's gotta go.

{Derrick walks up}

Derrick: Hey!

{Showdown music starts playing and then quickly stops}

Derrick: {grinning} What're you guys talking about?

Shawn: Oh...

Rocco: Nuh... Nothing. We just saw the new Gear... Gears trailer.

Rocco and Shawn: Mad world...

Derrick: Ohhhhh... yeah that game looks cool.

Shawn: See you're dressed a little different.

Rocco: Eh... You don't have your cowboy get-up anymore.

{Touching music plays}

Derrick: Oh! Yeah I kinda had to give all that up you know. Red Dead Redemption's a fun game, but wild wild west is over. Things don't operate like that anymore. It's time to be modern day, OK. Let's... Let's keep it up to date.

Rocco: Heh, glad that's over

Shawn: Yeah

Rocco: You were acting... {makes a hand gesture indicating a small amount} kinda like a retard. A little bit.

{Derrick pulls out a gun (BB gun again) and shoots Rocco in the chest. Showdown music starts playing again}

Shawn: I thought it was done! I thought it was over!

{Showdown music stops}

Derrick: {bad Russian accent} I've gone back to Grand Theft Auto IV, comrade! Ah ha ha ha ha! Big American t**ties!

{Mega64 outtro plays}}

{IGN outtro plays}}

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