Sequence Erase is a special episode that aired on November 10th, 2014 to coincide with Mega64's 10 year anniversary. The episode features the diverse set of characters that were featured in the many skits that Mega64 has produced in it's first decade, with it's main character, Lee, being taken from their 2006 video, Timbo. 

Description Edit

When a mysterious distress call is received, a team of familiar characters is assembled to take action. A man named Lee is thrown into the mix, but can he survive what's to come? And what are the visions he keeps seeing? Find out in SEQUENCE ERASE: The Mega64 10th Anniversary Special.

Thank you for watching Mega64 for over a decade. To the hardcore fans, the Internet Soldierz with us across the years, this is for you.

Plot Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The scenes where the characters travel back in time to several old Mega64 videos were actually filmed with the same camera at the same locations, with Shawn saying that it was "Weird" to step back into the Tetris suit in front of the same Target store.
  • The titular Aquabats song from which the special's name is derived from is used, albeit as a cover version.
  • Hideo Kojima makes a cameo appearance, marking the second time he would appear in a Mega64 video - the first being for their video on Metal Gear Solid 4. Both instances were filmed during GDC, the Game Developer's Conference, which Mega64 often creates special videos for specific developers.

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