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Slowdraw The Hungry Eskimo is a band that features Mega64 member; Garrett Hunter. The band consists of Garrett (vocals), Dave (keyboards and guitar), Paul (drums) and Tim (bass). Formed in 2005, Slowdraw is most well known for having their music featured in various Mega64 episodes, skits and advertisements. The band broke-up in 2005 after Dave moved to Utah.

History After Break-UpEdit

Slowdraw The Hungry Eskimo's music had its first appearance in the Version 2 episode; Summer Semester. In the episode, Jessse (played by Garrett) along with Horatio and Marcus, performed the song "Pudding Basin (The Snake Song)" as the fictional band; Summer Semester. After growing curiosity and demand from fans, Slowdraw The Hungry Eskimo's only album was released in 2007 on the Mega64 website. The album, entitled Demo, consists of eleven songs that the band performed and recorded during the time they were active.

Another Slowdraw song, "Jess Jess Revolution", wasn't released on the album and is only avaliable in a live perfomance. The song was later covered by the band Against Belief with Garrett performing the vocals.

Two Slowdraw songs, "Pudding Basin (The Snake Song)" and "Kid Cuisine" (which was featured in the Version 3 episode; Bigger Boat) was released on the Mega64 Soundtrack in 2010.

Demo Track ListingEdit

  1. P.R.I.S.S. - 4:18
  2. Slowdraw's Circus Internship - 2:37
  3. Kid Cuisine - 4:11
  4. Auto Erotic Exfixiation - 2:23
  5. Dracula's Igloo - 3:17
  6. Pudding Basin (The Snake Song) - 3:10
  7. S.O.S. - 2:24
  8. Refrigerator Rebellion - 2:43
  9. Heat Rider - 2:49
  10. Grandpa's Diaper - 2:02
  11. No Pajamas For You - 3:07

The RevivalEdit

Starting in February 2015, Slowdraw got back together with Dave on vocals, and produced a new album: "Electro Tugjob" (released mid March 2015). The album, reflective of the band's re-emergence, tells the epic tale of Slowdraw's revival after being frozen in a glacier for 10 years and his forthcoming adventures while captaining a tugboat. Some of the songs re-purposed the music from the previous tracks(denoted below in parenthesis), but have changed the lyrics, vocal styling, and musical styling.

Members: Dave (vocals, keys), Paul (drums), Tim (guitar), and Jesse (bass).


  1. Trapped! In the Ice 03:25
  2. Joy of the Tug (formerly Refrigerator Rebellion) 02:44
  3. Spooky Carwash 02:50
  4. The Cookie Train 02:25
  5. Ballad of the Archduke 01:31
  6. Liberation at last (formerly P.R.I.S.S.) 04:02

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