(While Rocco was playing "Street Fighter IV" the phone rang and he didn't pick it up so Derrick pick up to the phone and it was Rocco's boss)

Derrick: Hey, your boss just called haven't been to work in three days.

Rocco: Yeah, I know but it did.

Derrick: Well, if you don't go to work how do you get any money?

Rocco: What f**k I need money for I got "Street Fighter IV "already....sooo good.

Derrick: Well, How you're gonna pay your rent?

Rocco: Yeah, I already got a plan for it okay...GameStop is having a "Street Fighter IV Tournament".

Derrick: Are you planning of winning a bunch or something?

Rocco: Hoo, What did I just say it a tournament, how do you think Tiger Woods makes money goes to tour golf tournaments, he's the richest taco lover in the world makes more other combo.

Derrick: Whats a chocolate lover?

Rocco: It's a huefamism, taking f***ing english class.

Derrick: What if you don't win? what happens if you don't win the tournament?

Rocco: ....f***ing way.

(Rocco is going to the GameStop where the "Street Fighter IV Tournament" was held so he won the tournament but no money all he got was a sweatband)

Shawn: And that's because I was born without a then we took the car back.

Derrick: How was the tourney?

Rocco: ....First freaking place.

Derrick: So, you won the money and now you can pay your rent?

Rocco: I won this and it is a sweatband to keep your sweat out of your eyes while you're doing karate fights.

Derrick: So, how you're gonna pay the rent?

Rocco: Well, I have the fighter's spirit and I gonna fight my way out of this situation.....Fight.

(Rocco checking how much did the sweatband cost in Ebay)


Derrick: What are you gonna do now?

Rocco: Well, now I'm f***ed.

On Screen Text: The End, Video Content Provided By GameStop

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