Super Mario Bros. The Movie Two: Bloodlust is a skit from the Version 1 episode, "The Gangs Returned To Class And Became Honor Students". It stars Rocco as Mario, and it is a darker and grittier take on Super Mario, portraying him as an angry plumber out for revenge. Mario is violent to anyone who speaks to him. For example, a kid asks him nicely if he has any codes for "Sonic the Hedgehog 2", and Mario proceeds to slice the boy's arm off with his plunger.


"I got a little kid, she took a dump in duh bathtub! I think I want 'ya to come unstick it wit 'ya plunga!"

Derrick also appears in the skit. He's a punk who commands Mario to plumb his stuffed up toilet. He says that its got "hairballs and poop pockets" and that his little kid took a "dump in duh bathtub" and that Mario should use his plunger to "unstick" it. Mario then beats him with his plunger and blood splatters on the ground. But Mario has a soft side, and he is shown admiring a picture of Bea Arthur and telling her how much her loves her. The skit ends with the narrator saying that for "kicks and giggles" Mario will even fight a werewolf.