The Blacks

The Blacks was a big joke by the crew of Mega64. They decided that they wanted to make a series similar to all of the vampires and werewolves things that were out (i.e. Underworld and Evanescence). They shot a trailer and showed it off to a group at a convention and when it was teased by their fans, they acted very offended and refused to ever release it. Contrary to popular believe, there was never any intention to release The Blacks. T-shirts were made to promote it, but the amount of them were minimal, and they were never made again. "The Blacks" featured Laura Loza as the main love interest. In Version 3, it is revealed that "The Blacks" was a game being played by an entire guild of people inside the Mega64 console.

Apparently, this game was attached at the hip to the Down community, and the constituted "the game from which no player wanted to be released from." FALZ is revealed to have known more about "The Blacks" than was previously hinted to in Version 3. There is no telling what could happen with "The Blacks" at current, because the concept's appearance in Version 3 has actually drawn a high degree of positive feedback for former naysayers. The "never going to be visited again" series may actually rise from the grave, but only time will tell. (Actually, it will never come out.)

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