Version 1 Episode 2 (removed)
Run time: 27:08
Written by: Derrick Acosta
Edited by: -
Starring: Rocco Botte
Derrick Acosta
Shawn Chatfield
Guest Starring:
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The Code (originally titled Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start) was an episode originally intended to be the second episode of Version 1, but was deemed as not good enough to be included in the series. The episode was "deleted" and parts of it were split up and used in other episodes in Version 1. It was finally shown in its entirety on the Version 1 Special Edition DVD as a special feature. "The Code" is the famous "Konami Code" which is used in Contra.

This episode is the first and only episode to feature a video game review by Rocko and Derek, the game being Star Fox Adventures. A review segment was originally supposed to occur in every episode, but the idea was soon scrapped for being too boring and different from the rest of the show. The dialog of the episode is overplayed, and in the non-Lost episode that the majority of this was compiled into is more diverse, with bit comical moments. The rest of show actually evolved from The Code, because the episode allowed Rocco and Derrick to isolate what seemed to be most interesting. It was through this process that they collectively honed Mega64 into a plot-driven adventure story from what seemed to have all monotonous trappings of every other video game programme.

This episode also features the first (technical) appearance of Hunkty Krunkty, a fictional rapper who had previously only appeared in a deleted scene on the Version 1 DVD.

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