(Shawn called Derrick and Rocco to his office about the Lego Franchise)
Mega64 The Lego Zone01:48

Mega64 The Lego Zone

Derrick: Sir, you asked for us?

Shawn: Gentlemen, Lego Rock Band is projected to be our biggest seller yet and I put you two in charge of developing new franchises So, what do you got from me?

Rocco: Hohoho uh, I think we got something.

(Rocco bought a VHS tape and wanted to show to Shawn)

Random Voice: Hey, developers are you in the zone? The Lego Zone. Welcome to the Lego Zone.

Derrick: Could you recognize your favourite Morgan Freeman Movie? When all the characters have been replace with Legos, Lego Scene It!

Rocco: Can you see me?! Legos can't, Lego Eyetoy!

Random Voice: The Lego Zone.

Derrick: Lego Madden! The football players run extra slow.

Rocco: Alan Thicke is back in toy for Lego Growing Pain!

Derrick: Do I have Cancer?! Hahaha! Trauma Center: Lego Opinion.

Random Voice: The Lego Zone.

Rocco: Lego Cooking Mama! Eat melted plastic!

Derrick: Lego X-Files!

Rocco: Lego Crank.

Derrick: Legovania.


Derrick: NO BRAINER!!!

Rocco: Lego mexican food! That is so good!

Derrick: Lego Blox!


Derrick: Lego!

Rocco: LEGO!!!

Derrick: Lego!

Rocco: LEGO!!!

Random Voice: Welcome to the Lego Zone

Random Voice #2: The Lego Zone.

(When the video is finished, Shawn looks confused.)

Shawn: I really didn't get any of that.

Derrick: Ah ha, what don't you get?

Shawn: Yeah, I have a daughter and I don't think she'll be interested in any of these I just saw in that video. I just don't get it.

Derrick: Oh! That's where the demo comes in.

(Derrick and Rocco are playing with physical Lego toys.)

Shawn: Gentlemen! Stop!...I've seen enough!

Derrick & Rocco: !!!

Shawn: ...You've got the goods.

Derrick & Rocco: Aaaah!

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