V1 original coverart

Original Cover art by mrfart

For the special edition re-release, see "Version 1 Special Edition DVD"

Version 1 is the first season of Mega64. It was originally supposed to air on Cox Cable channel 23 in San Diego, but this never occurred. It was first released on DVD by Awful Video of Something Awful during the summer of 2005. To initial surprise, the DVD sold out quickly. The reason this occurred was due to the fact that Mega64 chose to use YouTube to launch their video sneak-peek campaign. The biggest hit with the YouTube crowd from Version 1 were the videos Metal Gear Solid and Tetris. Shenmue was also a favorite.


V1 disk1 dvd menu

Disk 1 Menu Art

V1 disk2 dvd menu

Disk 2 Menu Art

V1 dvd deleted scenes menu

Deleted scenes Menu Art


  1. Life Inside A Console
  2. I Feel Asleep
  3. Poque
  4. The Gangs Returned To Class And Became Honor Students
  5. Eyes of Skull Has A Secret
*Audio Commentary on all episodes by Rocco, Derrick, and Shawn


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  • Derrick Acosta
  • Rocco Botte


  • Derrick Acosta
  • Rocco Botte








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৳ In a few of the videos within Version 1, the guys of Mega64 can be seen wearing unique "Mega64" logo shirts that say: "Wow...that's pretty deep." on the backs.

For the record, these are the only three shirts of this design in existence. The shirts were custom made for each of them by their personal friend Nicole.

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