The new cover art by David Mayzis.

This is an article about the Version 1 re-release DVD. For the original Version 1 DVD, see "Version 1"

The Version 1 Special Edition DVD contains substantially more footage and special content than the original Version 1 release did. New cover art was made for it (by David Mayzis) and it features new commentary tracks. It was released on November 28, 2008 (Black Friday).

Garrett has stated several times that this rerelease was a mistake on the part of Rocco Botte.

Online store description Edit

See where it all began with this 2 Disc set of Mega64’s original public access show! Now back again in this Special Edition package, this new set will redefine cinematography and entertainment forever! This set contains:

  • All five full half hour original Mega64 public access episodes!
  • New intros for each episode (NEW!)
  • Original 2003 Audio Commentary on each episode!
  • New 2008 5th Anniversary Commentary! Hear the crew and special guests cringe through their history! (NEW!)
  • Deleted episode, “The Code.” See an episode that wasn’t even good enough for Version 1! OUCH! (NEW!)
  • Deleted skits!
  • Cat Pee and the Internet- The Mega64 Story” The old behind-the-scenes documentary, with new commentary track! (NEW!)
  • “Unusable Footage” A short selection of lost clips and raw footage from Mega64’s beginnings! (NEW!)

See also Edit

Mega64 Version 1 Special Edition DVD Trailer01:07

Mega64 Version 1 Special Edition DVD Trailer

The trailer for the special release can be seen here.

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