Rock Band 3 s Mysterious New Logo

Mega64 goes behind the scenes to uncover the secret behind the new logo in Rock Band 3.


HOST: The Rock Band franchise. A highly successful videogame series for nearly half a decade. Bringing us such innovations as toy guitars, fake drum sets, and a seriously wussie way to do karaoke. But with the arrival of Rock Band 3, new questions arise. What could this mysterious symbol represent? A new peripheral? Or something more sinister? All this and more, on Video Game Mysteriez Solved 4 Good.

HOST: Long time music afficiando and former marijuana smoker. Conrad has his own theories.

CONRAD: It's obvious what that symbol is... tire treads! There's gonna be a roadie level in the new Rock Band 3 where they rate you on how fast you hook up the instruments! It's gonna be revolutionary! Huh huh huh!

HOST: Proffessor Steppenwolf has speculations of his own.

STEPPENWOLF: What I see are teeth. Teeth of a monster that will eat you if you fail. Just like the audience that will eat you if you can not perform.

HOST: He goes on to offer an alternative explanation.

STEPPENWOLF: And on the off chance that I am wrong, there is only one other thing that could possibly be... a plate full of enemas. Upon insertion the game would become only increasingly difficult.

ROBERTA: I, uh, think it's a house. I actually, uh, did a little mock-up here. Cute little windows... door... cute little chimney just for effect. At least I hope that it's a house. Maybe my husband will f**king come home!

HOST: We go to Harmonix to uncover some answers straight from the source.

JOHN: It's a f**king keyboard. *pause* Yeah, I don't know how we could have made that any clearer to you. OK? You probably think the "3" in F.3.A.R. is some mystery as well.

HOST: Tune in next week as we investigate the "3" in F.3.A.R.. What does it stand for? Is it a letter, or a number? And is the next game gonna be called feeeeeoooowwwwweeeerrr? We'll see you then.


Actor Role
Derrick Acosta Unnamed TV host
Rocco Botte Conrad Chipz
Shawn Chatfield Prof. Steppenwolf
Nicole Crakes Roberta Pile
Garrett Hunter John Lutherane

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