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Rocco talks about wigglevision and other DVD's

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A Wigglevision skit with Rocco and Matt Lopez, as seen in Cat Pee and the Internet.

Wigglevision was a precursor to Mega64. In high school, Rocco used to film a lot of skits with his friend, Matt Lopez. The idea of random comedy sketches eventually formed into Mega64, but Matt decided not to follow along, and instead pursued a musical career with his band, Children of Nova. a word Rocco thought up and when he googled it he found this "and then we have this poorly drawn man over here with a UFO for a head.It looks like it was drawn on a napkin... Some kind of unlikely wiggly-looking superhero.I have to wonder about him.Not everyone believes in UFO Man... not even himself."


Wigglevision DVD cover[1]

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