(While Rocco is playing with his iphone and Shawn is reading a piece of paper. Derrick is going to see X-Men Origins Wolverine)
Mega64 Wolverive, The Game or The Movie?02:29

Mega64 Wolverive, The Game or The Movie?

Rocco: ...

Shawn: ...

Derrick: Hey guys, I'm leaving checking out right now.

Shawn: Where are you going?

Derrick: I'm gonna go see the "Wolverine Movie".

Rocco: Oh dude, don't do that the movie sucks.

Shawn: The movie gay cause every teen is getting us better.

Derrick: I heard it suck, but I always kind of thought because I looked like Wolverine, short...I got like the hair shawwashaw, I'm gonna check it out.

On Screen Text: Thirty Hours Later.

(Rocco and Shawn sleeping together in one bed.  Derrick enters.)

Derrick: (Acting like Wolverine from the movie) X-MEN WOLVERINE ROOOOOOOCKED!!!

Shawn: What are you doing?!

Rocco: What did you do? What's going on?

Derrick: I just got back from the movie.

Rocco: What, why did you left over a day ago?!

Derrick: It's like thirty hours good.

Rocco: What I saw was an hour and a half and it sucks! What you said.

Shawn: We're not so good.

Derrick: I don't understand why you guys are complaing about the movie not being cause the movie I saw was the best god f***ing movie I've ever seen in my life. Three minutes into the movie and they fight a freakin LAVA MONSTER!!! That thing comes out oooaaaahhhh!!! Except for like the three hours, just kept getting shot by those gun turrets couldn't jump around them. I don't know it's kinda wierd.

Rocco: Sounds like your describing the video game.

Shawn: It's a video game man.

Derrick: ...No, I don't think so.

(Cut to cinema exterior.)


Shawn: Huh, guess there playing the video game instead the movie, why would they do that?

Rocco: I don't know, maybe they realized that the video game was ten thousand times better than the piece of s**t movie they released in theaters this may.

Shawn: Yeah, but someone saids to good I don't think so.

Rocco: Uhhh, I don't know it's hermels fun whatever, It's not like it's gonna win an oscar.

(They've returned home from the cinemas and are watching the Oscars.)

Eric Baudour(Oscar Announcer): And the oscar statue for the best movie of the year goes to. X-Men Origins Wolverine Uncaged Edtion for the PS3!

(Rocco and Shawn are now speechless that the game won the oscar instead of the movie)

Rocco: ...

Shawn: ...

Derrick: I knew it would win....schiiink!

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